From all of us here at Splitt Creek Ranch, we want to say THANK YOU!

We have pulled off another successful Fall sale and it wouldn't be possible without our customers, young and old, new and returning! 

Thank You


December 2016


Coming the First Week in December 2016
Heifers~ Steers ~ Bulls ~ Bred Heifers 

Many sired by Multi Grand Champion Lines
This sale will have both production quality and some that will be ready to go into the ring
To be on a mailing list and for additional information please contact

Judy Splitt at 308.530.1287 or
Shaun and Kily Brott at 308.530.4161 or 308.530.4151

Videos Available November 15

SS Miss Frankie

SS Miss Vida

SS Miss Abbie

SEX: Heifer
SIRE: 05's He's All That
DAM: SS Miss Fiona
DATE OF BIRTH: 03.03.2016

Wow, look at this fancy future champion.
She has it all; length, clean front, and moves great! Don't miss out on her!

SEX: Heifer
SIRE: 05's He's All That
DAM: SS Miss Virginia
DATE OF BIRTH: 03.15.2016

Va Va Voom Vida
What more can I say?
Sire and Dam are both historical champions. 

SEX: Heifer
SIRE: 05's He's All That
DAM: SS Miss Amilia
DATE OF BIRTH: 03.21.2016

Feminine, long, and deep bodied. 
This little girl could be the one. 

SS Miss Mae Mae

SS Miss Urna

SS Miss Sasha

SEX: Heifer
SIRE: SS Silver Stone (semen available)*
DAM: Becket Contrace Merry 54E
DATE OF BIRTH: 04.29.2016

Yea Yea Mae Mae! 
She will make you money today!
Cow power, big boned, long bodied with dimensions. DNA Pending.

SEX: Heifer
SIRE: SS Silver Stone (semen available)*
DAM: SS Miss Eunice
DATE OF BIRTH: 04.29.2016

I would be proud to keep this
polled beauty in my herd.  
Will need good pay or she is going to stay.  
Power, mass, and attractive head to toe.

SEX: Heifer
SIRE: SS Sir Wyatt (semen available)*
DAM: SS Miss Salina ET
DATE OF BIRTH: 05.11.2016

Sire and Dam were both historical Champions. SS Sir Wyatt has produced many of Splitt Creek Ranch's Champions.  SS Salina was a Division Champion, as well as Cow Calf Champion at the National Western Stock Show. 

SS Miss Amber

SS Miss Pippa

SS Sir Joel

SEX: Heifer
SIRE: SS KC Joe (semen available)*
DAM: IBA Charlie's Angel
DATE OF BIRTH: 11.14.15

Sweet little Amber... She had a rough start.  Her mother died and she wouldn't take a bottle so she didn't get very big.  Amber needs a loving home.  She has pink eye scars but is doing great. 

SEX: Heifer
SIRE: SS Mr. Clyde (semen available)*
DAM: Becket G Peanut 235I
DATE OF BIRTH: 04.30.2016

Show girl... Pippa.  Thick, long bodied, balanced.  Walks smooth.  This little girl will do well wherever she goes.

SEX: Steer
SIRE: SS Mr. Clyde (semen available)*
DAM: D&S Miss Josie
DATE OF BIRTH: 03.03.2016

Sire by Mr. Clyde, one fo the my oldest proven bulls at the Splitt Creek Ranch.  Clyde is super long and throws some of the best steers in the Miniautre Hereford breed.  Joel does have some pink eye scars. 

SS Sir Ike Man

SS Mr. Malic

SS Sir Bandit

SEX: Steer
SIRE: SS Mr. Clyde (semen available)*
DAM: SS Miss Ileen
DATE OF BIRTH: 03.22.2016

Big and long bodied with extended front. 
Show potential is extremely high!

SEX: Steer
SIRE: 05's He's All That
DAM: SS Miss Nancy ET
DATE OF BIRTH: 03.29.2016

I really like this guys front! And the back is pretty impressive also.  
He will turn your head.

SEX: Steer
SIRE: RHH Prince (semen available)*
DAM: SPS Bridgette
DATE OF BIRTH: 04.25.2016

Sire and Dam both were Champions.
Frantastic steer with scars on his eyes. 

SS Sir Alpha

SS Fellow

SS Becket M. Diesel 293P

SEX: Steer
SIRE: SS Mr. Clyde (semen available)*
DAM: SS Miss Adel
DATE OF BIRTH: 04.26.2016

Cobra neck on this polled steer.  
Square and great depth.
Could be a super star!

SEX: Bull
SIRE: Becket Mastermind 272M
DAM: Becket I Dulcie 217K
DATE OF BIRTH: 07.05.2014

Diesel has polled on the top and bottom pedigree but he is scurred. There is no KAP bloodlines on his pedigree so he would be great for any herd that is looking for some different lines.  As you can see, with only pasture condition, his is still a HUNK. He can add mass to any herd.

SS Sir Wesley

SS Sir Gene

SEX: Bull
SIRE: RHH Prince (semen available)*
DAM: Ity Bit 4s02 (Wild Girl)
DATE OF BIRTH: 06.15.2016

Wesley's Dam has produced the most champions from one cow.  SS Miss Paris and SS Miss Hilton were both multi Grand Champions.  Sire RHH Prince was a Multi Champion.  How could Wesley be anything but a great bull? He is in pasture condition and hasn't had a scoop of grain, and even with that he has muscle, thickness, and is long bodied. 

SEX: Bull
SIRE: 05's He's All That
DAM: Becket L Genie 264m
DATE OF BIRTH: 05.27.2015

I only keep a few as far as bulls go and this guy is a winner.  He has it all! He is from a great looking polled cow that came from Becket Farms.  Sire is the "He's All That" bull.  That combination should be a winner producing combination.  

* = link

KR's Miss O' My

KR's Miss Darma

KR's Miss Bloomers

SEX: Heifer
SIRE: SS Sir Wyatt (semen available)*
DAM: SS Miss Marge
DATE OF BIRTH: 05.31.2016

Look at this little dark red, polled girl.
She would make a wonderful addition to any prospective polled herd.
SEX: Heifer
SIRE: SS Sir Wyatt (semen available)*
DAM: BC Daisy
DATE OF BIRTH: 04.25.2016

This is the heifer mom really doesnt want us to sell but we have to pay the bills. She has style and quality all over her. Everyone that comes here picks her.  You watch her; you'll like her! Out of Sire SS Wyatt and Dam BC Daisy.
SEX: Heifer
SIRE: RHH Prince (semen available)*
DAM: CRS Magic Blossom
DATE OF BIRTH: 04.04.2016

Do you have your Bloomers on? Here is a feminine looking gal out of the Champion Iowa Price Bull from Splitt Creek Ranch.  She would make an awesome show heifer. She has excellent extension throught he front end and will cover her tracks beautifully!

KR's Miss Iris

KR's Luke

SEX: Heifer
SIRE: 05's He's All That
DAM: KRS Miss Iris
DATE OF BIRTH: 03.07.2016

Here is a polled, clean fronted, young heifer that we have high expectations for. She can go to the show ring or would make an excellent addition to anyone's polled herd.  She is out of the Champion Sire "He's All That" and a first calf heifer that we are very proud of. 
SEX: Steer
SIRE: SS Sir Wyatt (semen available)*
DAM: JWS Bandits Lady
DATE OF BIRTH: 04.11.2016

Here is "Cool Hand Luke."  See the front on this young man.  This steer is more fluent onhis feet and covers his tracks better than any other.  He is sired by SS Sir Wyatt, a multi grand champion Sire, and JWS Bandits Lady.

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