Our Ranch
Our Legacy
Judy Splitt

Born in McCook, Nebraska and raised on her family farm, country living has always been in Judy's heart.  She eventually made her way to North Platte, Nebraska where she raised her 2 children, Kiley and Britton, while selling real estate.  In 1992 she met Mr. Steve Splitt and her family of 3 soon became a family of 6 with the addition of his 2 daughters.  Since then Steve has passed, but Judy continues their legacy and dreams.
How We Got Started

Splitt Creek Ranch started as one big open prairie bought at auction located in the middle of Nebraska, north of North Platte.  I has now been dotted with a home, numerous outbuildings and shops, barns and corrals all surrounded by pasture ground and hayfields. We started with 3 heifers that we felt were the best foundation we could afford.  We have expanded our breeding program over the years to produce Grand Champion and Reserve Champion lines.  We are now to the size we feel we can start offering some of our best quality for sale.  We have worked hard to produce beef that is thicker and chunkier in appearance with the sweet temperament that we can handle.
Future Plans

Splitt Creek Ranch plans to continue their streek of Grand Champions in the show ring and like most family ran ranches, we hope to continue onto the next generation and generations to come.